• Image of Wood Quay Venue.
  • Image of Wood Quay Venue.
  • Image of Wood Quay Venue.

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Hiberno Norse (Viking) Wall

Under the rule of the Irish King Muirchertach Ua Briain who ruled Dublin for 40 years until AD 1115, the existing Norse defensive earthen banks (surmounted by timber palisade fencing) that protected the city gave way for a new rubble masonry wall, which enlarged almost threefold the previously defended area.

Of varied size and construction, the new masonry city wall was approximately 7 metres high and between 1.5 and 3 metres wide. Substantial refortification and alterations occurred in the 12th century, including the construction of the City Moat, a massive ditch up to 20m wide and 9m deep.

Two significant stretches of this phase of the north end of the city wall survive in a modern context along the south side of Cook Street and here in the Wood Quay Venue.

Wood Quay Venue was built in conjunction with the Dublin City Walls and Defences Conservation Plan.

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